Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Time at Gartner

My time at Gartner is coming to an end.  I submitted my resignation last week and will be leaving to go back into Industry. Moving back to the Bay Area last year and doing all the work that I did with clients this year, made me yearn to get back into the saddle (for those that don't know, I was an Executive at Xerox for 15 years prior to joining Gartner).

It has been a tremendous honor to work with all of my clients over the last 11.5 years.  It is never easy to say farewell, and I leave with fond memories of all the great things that have been accomplished. I was honored to serve as a Trusted Advisor to both end-users and technology providers.

I will also note that I was a Gartner client before I came to Gartner and I will be a Gartner client in my new role.

I'll be back here next week to talk about what I'll be doing....

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