Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Third Wave

Last night I took my Gartner ID Badge and put it in my drawer, right next to the Xerox badge I wore for 15 years. December 8th marked 11.5 years to the day of my time at Gartner and it was a great run. I leave behind many great times and some incredible people and incredible clients. As with everything though, times change.

I've worked with many CEOs in my time at Gartner. One of them that I've worked with the longest is Bobby Yazdani, Chairman and CEO of Saba Software. Today I start at Saba, where I'll be taking Collaboration to the next level as VP/GM of Collaboration.

Saba is primarily known in the Human Capital and e-Learning markets, but they have some formidable Collaboration capabilities. Rest assured, you'll be hearing more about that shortly.


  1. Best of luck Jim in your new role. I'm intrigued by your foreshadowing of where Saba is going.

  2. Jim, Congratulations in your new role. I just made a move also so we should catch up.

  3. Jim,

    Congratulations and I wish you the best in your new role. Let's catch up after you settle down in your new role.

    Always enjoyed our interactions during my stint at Xerox DocuShare and more recently, at Content Circles.

    Sri Chilukuri